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A multi-disciplinary creative who walks the balance between artistic and logical. I thrive when working in open-minded, collaborative environments. I take pride in my attention to detail, my keen eye for aesthetics, and my tendency to ask, “why?” I am a product designer with a background in graphic design, and an interest in photography & video.

Coast Guard Inflatable Rescue Device
For this project, my group was tasked with creating a device that the Canadian Coast Guard could use with their Zodiac boats to rescue cold-water drowning victims. We ended up creating an inflatable life raft that can attatch onto the side of their boats. The subject is caught with the inflatable, and reeled in by the Coast Guard using a rope insertion.
Arc'teryx Backpack Deconstruction
For this project we were given a bag and tasked with analyzing, reverse engineering, and creating an improved prototype. We also had to create a tech pack that discussed the details and represented the improvements made.
LI-NING Concept Shoe
For this project, my group was tasked with creating a shoe line for Li-Ning's Fall 2024 season.
Halo Privacy Pod
We were tasked with designing an “escape pod“ that students could use while at our school campus. My group decided to make ours for students who want privacy, as well as to provide them with a sense of comfort.
DesignThinkers Campaign
The goal of this project is to make the DesignThinkers conference a global event, while still keeping an overall consistent, identifiable branding system. Each location has their own unique identity based off of an object that was designed & created in their city.
WHM Brand Identity
Brand identity created for a local music tutor.
CyberSecurity Awareness Campaign
Awareness campaign for cyber-security and online privacy concerns.
A Day in the Life (Video)
Short video inspired by the Beatles song "A Day in the Life."
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