For this project, I chose to re-brand the annual Canadian design conference, DesignThinkers. I created a new brand identity, as well as a theme for the event.

I decided to make DesignThinkers a global event and to create a unique take on the theme for each city that hosts.
The theme is inventions.

So, each event is represented by an object that was designed and created in that city. 
DesignThinkers doesn’t currently have an official logo, because every year they do a different theme.
These are some of the iterations and brainstorming I had gone through before deciding upon the final logo.
This is the finalized logo. I chose the pixel style because it represents digital design and technology. Also, the style would be nicely contrasted by the inventions in each location’s posters & etc.

The fonts were chosen because they’re modern looking and simple.
These are some of the iterations I had gone through for the event’s posters.

Progress was made in-part by suggestions from classmates and my professors.
The finalized posters.
Thank you!

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